You can volunteer in lots of different ways. Whether you can spare a little bit of time or a lot of time, there will always be a role to fit your skill set. Whether it be helping run outdoor activities such as; canoeing/ climbing/ walking etc. Helping cook on camps or even just helping with paperwork. Scouting cannot provide fun and adventure for young people each week on its' own, scouting needs volunteers and lots of them. Whatever time you can spare really help's the leaders out to ensure the young people are not missing out on the fun and adventure.

If your still undecided then read this article on the scout website. Which might just change your mind. If you take a look at the national vacancies here, scouting as a whole is short of volunteers and needs your help. Scouting runs training courses, if you want to become a regular leader. But there are many roles that suit people that can only spare a little bit of time every so often.

For more information or to enquire about volunteering, please contact us here. We will also be able to assist in suggesting groups that are likely to need help, if we are unable to find the right role for you in our group. Or if you would prefer to e-mail then you can e-mail us using [email protected]. You can also contact Reivers District here.